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Jimi Hendrix, as seen by Donald Silverstein

If you’ve ever been to the Space Within yoga studio in Muswell Hill, you might’ve spotted a few famous faces on the walls – and one very famous torso! It was my dad, Donald Silverstein, who was responsible for that now-iconic image of Jimi Hendrix. He took lots of other photos during that shoot, too […]

10-Day Handstand Prep Sequence

If you missed the Space Within Handstand Challenge for All Abilities, GOOD NEWS – our 10-day handstand prep sequence is all here, in this handy blog! Whether you work through each ‘day’ as though you were doing the challenge, adding a little extra to your practice sequence step by step, or start practising the entire […]

A Handstand Challenge – for ALL abilities!

If you’re looking for a handstand challenge for all abilities – beginner, improver or intermediate – you’ve just found it! Hurray! We’ve all seen those photos and films of yogis, Calisthenics and CrossFit folk effortlessly floating up into handstands, no supporting wall (or flailing around!) in sight. And, naturally, we’d all love to be able […]